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Ethics and compliance
don’t just happen. Creating an organization that operates “on purpose” requires intentional design and well-thought-out strategy.


Invite the ethics and compliance thought leaders at Solutions House to help! Our approach is “real world,” having been forged and tested in practice for some of the most influential organizations in the world. With global success stories at The Boeing Company, EDS and Walmart, the ethics professionals at Solutions House have built some of the most mature ethics programs in the business world.


We can do the same for you. We offer a complete line of consulting services for organizations in every stage of designing and implementing an ethics and compliance program, fully aligning with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSG) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Whether you are a global Fortune 100 corporation, or a small organization, we've got compelling solutions for you.


Learn how we can support you in these areas:

Solutions on demand

Are you unsure about what help you will need, or when you will need it?   With Solutions On Demand, you can call whenever you need assistance, advice, or guidance for any ethics and compliance challenge.  Informed by years of real-world expertise, we will provide the solution you need, at exactly the moment you need it.

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Program Design

Invite the thought leaders at Solutions House to design and implement the ethics and compliance program at your organization.


  • Code of conduct development: Your code of conduct is not a passive document; rather, it is a strategic, mission-critical set of boundaries that requires intentional design. We can assist in developing, revising or deploying your code of conduct; or we can analyze your current code based on best practices.

  • Helpline/hotline data analysis: What’s your data telling you? Let us help you better leverage your important helpline data.
    We can support you in providing your leaders with statistics on trends, and discover areas of concern.

  • Case management: With so much on the line, it’s critical that your ethics and compliance investigations are managed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Having managed global ethics and compliance programs with as many as 5,000 investigations per year, we can help you establish the proper protocols and procedures, including documentation and records retention.

  • Investigation protocol: How does your organization manage investigations? We can help determine protocols and procedures for your organization.

  • Global program development: The Solutions House principals have implemented ethics and compliance programs on a global platform. We understand the challenges and opportunities. We can help!

  • FCPA/Anti-Corruption: We have written and designed global policies and education programs for FCPA and anti-corruption. We make these same services available to you. We have the expertise and legal support to design a tailored program to align your organization with the requirements of the FCPA and the U.K. Bribery Act.

  • Sourcing: Supply chain issues are some of the most challenging that an organization faces. Need a hand with your organization’s suppliers and partners? Our supply chain experience is unmatched!

  • Auditing and monitoring: Do you have a certificate of compliance, conflict of interest agreement, or certification of receipt of the code of conduct? No need to reinvent the wheel. Our principals are experienced in auditing and monitoring organizations to ensure compliance with their code of ethics, company policies and the law.

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Needs Analysis and Assessments

The ethics and compliance principals at Solutions House have real-world experience in assessing the viability and effectiveness of ethics programs. With a combined expertise of more than 80 years, they’re ready to bring their best practices to your organization.


  • Employee surveys: Our professionals will show you how to ask the right questions, develop effective surveys, and use the results to influence your culture and business results.

  • Culture assessment: Culture is the often-unspoken set of norms, mental models and practices that influence how people act and work. As a driver of ethics, the impact of your organization’s culture must not be dismissed. Through interviews and surveys, we can help you better understand your unique culture and build your ethics and compliance program to respond to and influence that culture.

  • Program assessment: Quality ethics and compliance programs should undergo an external assessment every three to five years. We can provide this service with experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for organizations. Our experts know what is expected of a best-in-class program. We can provide an objective review of your program.

  • Risk assessment: We can help you identify and properly assess your organization’s unique performance, compliance, economic and marketplace risks.

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Awareness, Communication and Training

Creating a strong ethics and compliance program requires your people to adopt new mental models and behaviors. We have influenced many, many people – millions, actually – in some of the world’s largest organizations to bring the ethics program to life. We can do the same for you through:

  • Special events: To ensure ethical behavior, your employees must be aware of the corporate resources available to them. We have professionals who have developed impactful events and recognition incentives that have exponentially increased the awareness of ethics and compliance programs. Ask us how we can bring these engaging events to your organization.

  • Communication: Effectively communicating your corporate values, ethics and code of conduct to your employees is critical.  We can design customized communication plans strategically targeting all levels of employees throughout your organization, from senior leadership to line workers.

  • Training: Training can be expensive and complicated. Let us draw from our experience to help assess your training requirements, and to design and deploy the most effective and cost-efficient training program possible. We also offer learning products that can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs for ethics and compliance training.

  • Ethics office staff training: Are you adding new members to your ethics office team?  We have the knowledge, skills and professional training experience to teach your team members the specialized skills required for a successful ethics and compliance program.

  • Full Value: In this innovative learning experience, participants compete with each other to generate business results for stakeholders while adhering to the company cornerstones of People, Brand, Profit and Purpose. It’s customizable, too, as we can align the learning to your company’s business specifics.

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Specialized Services

Our extensive experience in building world-class ethics and compliance programs enables us to offer a host of unique services… some of which you simply can’t find anywhere else!


  • Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer advisory solutions: This is an innovative service that is largely unique to Solutions House! Sometimes, ethics officers need a friend. Our principals are experienced ethics officers. We've been there. When you find yourself facing highly sensitive issues, we can be your advisor and friend…answering your questions and providing guidance and confidentiality.

  • Board interface: Properly dealing with the board can be a challenge. Let us help you establish the proper protocols and reporting procedures. We can also support your ethics and compliance office with special presentations to your board.

  • Board training: Boards often need customized training and awareness to fulfill their oversight role. We can help you with the process or provide the interface on behalf of your office.

  • Vendor selection: Here’s another service that we are pioneering at Solutions House. Our principals have many years of experience in the selection of ethics and compliance program vendors and in the negotiation of vendor contracts. We can “stand beside you” in identifying your needs and requirements, finding potential subcontractors, navigating the RFP process, and conducting interviews and contract negotiations.

  • Policies: A best-in-class ethics and compliance program is dependent on good policies. We can develop or review your organization’s policies.

  • Assistance with personnel assessment and selection: Identifying excellent candidates for your ethics and compliance office can be very difficult. Invite our team to support you in developing job descriptions, conducting interviews and making the selection.

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