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The benefits of “doing business… on purpose”

Integrity. Ethics. Compliance. These aren’t buzzwords. And they certainly aren’t “soft.” For successful leaders, they are business imperatives – especially in an age where markets and stakeholders are just as concerned with how business results are achieved as they are with the results themselves.


Today, your challenge as a business leader is to consider your own organizational identity. Do you have clearly articulated organizational values? A keen understanding of the culture? And, critically, do you have a strategic ethics and compliance program?


We can help! The Solutions House Ethics and Compliance Practice offers a full line of consulting services for organizations in every stage of designing and implementing an ethics and compliance program. We are seasoned thought leaders, practitioners, and influencers in global ethics and compliance. Our experience isn’t just academic. We have built industry-leading ethics and compliance programs for some of the most influential organizations in the world.


The challenge is to create a culture of integrity. This is more than an “ethics and compliance program” (although it certainly begins there.) Successful organizations and successful leaders are those who “do ethics… on purpose.” They model the desired behaviors, demonstrated by everyone, that influence a culture. The Solutions House team members have extensive experience in applying the cultural principles in organizations like yours.


Imagine if your organization could achieve:


  • Reduced observed misconduct
  • Reduced pressure employees feel to compromise ethical standards
  • Increased chances that  employees will report observed misconduct to the proper people
  • Reduced fear of retaliation employees might have for reporting misconduct
  • Informed ethical decision making, positively influencing your bottom line


The proven Solutions House team delivers results. How can we deliver these results for your organization?


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