About Us

A Message From David Dauman


Welcome to our house.

It has been more than 10 years since I opened the doors of Solutions House, and it has been the most rewarding endeavor of my career. Many hours have gone by very quickly.


I have had the privilege of serving on many teams of incredible professionals in pursuit of valuable solutions–innovative interventions that help our clients address their toughest organizational development, training, instructional design, communication and strategic planning needs.


And now we are proud to be the home to solutions in the area of Ethics and Compliance. This practice is the natural next step in our evolution to fulfill the needs our clients have brought to us.  The principals of this practice are experienced ethics and compliance practitioners who have built world class ethics programs in global Fortune 500 corporations.


At the heart of any solution is the relationship with our client… and their need for value. We must be doing something right because we have been invited into the homes of some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. We have stayed in these relationships through our discipline, imagination, professional bearing and, of course, purpose.


Since 2001, Solutions House has offered a home to experienced business consultants with talent, creativity, integrity and commitment to clients and each other. We also draw from a much larger network of the industry’s best designers, advisors, facilitators and artisans. We invite these colleagues to drop in for a visit, add value to and benefit from our business relationships... and, of course, share their talents in service of your challenges.


What awaits those who enter Solutions House?


My promise to you as a client is that you will have at your service a team of skilled, knowledgeable and relentless professionals who also are humble and trustworthy partners committed to attending to your company’s needs and not their own. I am involved with each and every project to see that this commitment is fulfilled.


My promise to you as a potential colleague is simple: We will treat you like... a client.


Thank you again for visiting our company.  I look forward to the opportunity to pursue solutions together.


David Dauman




Solutions House is guided by five core values:


1. Appreciation.

Opportunities, trust and commitment are not entitlements. They must be earned. We show appreciation not only for the opportunities extended to us by our clients but also for the contributions and sacrifices of people who work for us (and those who rely on them). We also value our own gifts, talents, time and dreams.


2. Client Service.

Exceptional client service is our bearing point. Knowing that we work at the behest of our clients means that we will support, anticipate and relentlessly serve their aspirations. While we provide expert consultation, we recognize that they are the ultimate owners of the solution. Our work is only as valuable as it is perceived by our clients. We focus as equally on the results we deliver as we do on the process of delivering those results.


3. Collaboration.

Our organization is based on teamwork. We create opportunities to contribute to a team win and to hone individual skills. Collaboration also means being actively engaged with our clients in teams and being a fit in their culture and to their needs.


4. Commitment.

Our work is often challenging and requires that we focus our collective energies and talents on results. We execute our work to fairly earn our fees and future opportunities while delivering on the promises that we make when engaging with clients. Though we ultimately rely on one another, we each embrace accountability for delivering results and value.


5. Respect.

This value is foundational to all of the above. We extend respect to each individual we encounter. Our ethical conduct and considerate behavior stems from humility and kindness in how we address each individual, team and organization. Respect manifests through transparency and accountability. It also means respecting our individual differences in terms of all facets of diversity. It means being truthful (to others and to ourselves), trusting and being trustworthy.






Our mission:

Provide excellent learning and development products and consulting services that help participants and organizations operate with integrity and enhance results while elevating the careers of those we work with. In providing guidance, knowledge, skills, opportunity, financial reward and personal satisfaction, we enrich the lives of those with whom we interact.


Our aspiration:

To be a trusted partner and thought leader to clients who look for organizational enhancement and personal success in a way that transcends topic and technology. We also strive to be the best employer and client for our own people.





The Solutions House Name


Upon our company’s inception in 2001, we were purposeful in laying our foundation. Our desire was to distinguish Solutions House as a place that would bring people and clients together with minimal interference by the entity we created.


The actual name Solutions House was chosen carefully.


Solutions: We did not want to be a company that sells a set array of services that it has to shoehorn into opportunities. Rather, we wanted to be measured by our results–the solutions we bring to our clients’ learning and development... and now ethics and compliance... problems.


House: This word is a double entendre. On one hand, we liked the business focus and solidity of the European banks and insurance companies that call themselves “houses.” More important, we liked the warm and intimate feel of calling our business a house. It means that people come in as invited guests. It is the owner’s responsibility to treat employees, contractors and clients as guests, in the hope that they will stay as long as mutual benefit is derived and the experience is enjoyable and hospitable. Hospitality is our business strategy.


In time, we secured top-tier clients that we could only dream of when planning our company. As we partnered with senior leadership of these organizations, we realized that our house metaphor was more appropriate than ever. Ours is a strong and sturdy house where visitors can drop in for homemade (yet professional), sound, unsurpassed results.



36181 East Lake Road, Ste. 32
Palm Harbor, FL 34685
Fax: 866-514-9556